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Safety briefing for demonstrations

Demonstrations of the RootWave Pro need to be held by a certified Safety Officer with a certified Approved Operator.

All Observers must:

  • receive a briefing
  • be cordoned off at the 5m mark
  • check their shoes

Observers need to know which components of the RootWave Pro could carry dangerous voltage.






Do not come within 5 metres of:

  • 1 Control Module
  • 2 Lance electrode
  • 3 Mobile Earth electrode
  • 4 Fixed Earth electrode
  • Plants being treated, or overhanging the treatment area
  • The ground within 5 metres of the treatment area
  • Wire fences that pass within the operating area
  • Continuous bodies of water that pass within the operating area

All Observers must wear covered rubber-soled shoes such as rain-proof rubber boots (gumboots) or sneakers. In long grass, rubber boots are required. Check your shoes for cracks in the sole.

If in doubt, stand at least 10 metres away from the operating area.

Passersby, children and animals must not come within 10 metres of the operating area at any time.

Please watch the following safety briefing and then complete the online assessment.