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The RootWave Pro Electrothermal Weeder is designed and manufactured by RootWave in the UK.

  • Sustainable, using a generator it uses a fraction of fuel required for thermal (steam, hot water) weed control.
  • Organic, the only input is electricity.  No need to carry tonnes of water, or toxic agri-chemicals.
  • Effective, trials show it is effective against some of the toughest weeds because it gets down to the root of the problem.  It is able to control weeds that are resistant to herbicides
  • Manoeuvrable, because the device has a small footprint, and doesn’t require any water, it can be loaded onto small utility vehicles, such as a golf cart or ATV

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Charles Merfield, head of the BHU Future Farming Centre, recommends this device as the best technology available to control weeds.  His review is here.

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